Photo Props and Presentation Props are visual aids which people can hold and interact with . Oversized inatamate objects and Custom Graphic Elements all make great photo props, perfect for social media applications, parties, events or even real estate transactions making them fun and interactive.


Girl holding a big check

Big Check

A Big Check or Custom Giant Checks are great for presentations, donations, scholarship presentations, fundraisers and more.

Giant Key Photo Prop

Giant Key Prop

Giant Key, Photo Props are perfect for real estate agents looking to improve Social Media Presence. Our large Real Estate Key makes social sharing fun.

Big Heart Cutouts

Big Heart Cutouts

Use Big Heart Signs to show your love! Perfect for valentines day, weddings and engagements, custom heart cutouts make great wall decorations & yard decor.

Emoji Signs & Banners

Emoji Signs & Banners

Emoji Signs add emotions to any party, wedding or corporate event. Perfect as a photo booth prop, add to a yard or lawn display or use as decorations.

Starts at $ 9.75