Giant Checks are customizable on-line. You can add a logo, recipient name, change the amount and best of all giant checks can be made in various sizes.

These big checks are perfect for grand openings, donations, ribbon ceremonies, scholarships, fundraisers, and more. A giant check presentation, gives your brand or organization a photo opportunity to get a lot of exposure thru the use of social media.

The amount of people presenting the check, as well as the crowd size will determined the proper size for your giant check. The photographers location is also an important factor you should consider when determining the size of your giant or big check. 

If only one person is presenting a check to another person, then an 36" x 18" Giant Check will be a good size to use. A 44" x 22" Giant Check will work best for 2-6 people. Because of the group size, this check size allows the writing to be easily read when a picture is taken of the check presentation. If there are a lot of people in a photo or presentation, like in a group of 7 or more, then consider choosing a 56" x 28" Giant Check.

Giant Checks can be made to be Reused!

Select dry erase lamination with any size check and yes your Giant Check becomes reuseable! You can write in the recipiant name, check amount using dry erase markers and your check is ready to present. Wipe it clean and your ready to reuse the giant check for another presentation. Dry Erase Checks are perfect for sales incentive programs.

Price Calculator

We offer 4 materials to produce your giant check on:

  • Foam Core - Rigid paper faced foam material, 3/16",  lightweight
  • Corrugated Plastic -Rigid Material Has A Natural Surface Wave, 4mm thick, Can Be Used Outside
  • Styrene - Rollable , .010 thick plastic sheet
  • Cardboard - Should Be Used Indoor Only - Rigid material, B Flute Mottled White
Cardboard - Rigid, Should Be Used Indoor Only
Foam Core - Rigid
Corrugated Plastic - Rigid
Styrene - Rollable

Lamination applies a thin coating over your image and protects the printed surface.

Make your check reusable by selecting Dry-Erase Lamination

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