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The Feather Flag graphic package comes with choice of spike base for any grass or soft, penetrable ground; or use X-base on any hard ground outside, such as concrete, or indoors (ceiling height permitting). The banner design is customized to your graphic artwork, and is printed on a polyester mesh by the process of dye sublimation. A black flag trim is sewn on the edge of the graphic (pole-side), leaving a pocket for pole insertion. A set of grommets are installed on the bottom of the trim in which the short bungee cord (included) can loop through and snugly attach the graphic to the base.

    Each Feather Flag Package Includes:
    • 1 set of Flag Poles
    • 1 Printed Graphic: your selection in the price calculator
       –Choice of: Single Sided or Double Sided
    • Base Options: selection as shown in the price calculator
       – Spike base: for outdoor in-ground use.
       – X-Base: use on any hard ground outside, such as concrete,
      or indoors (ceiling height permitting).
       – Water Bag (Optional)
    • Nylon Bag
    Product Specifications:
    • Flag Height:
       – Small: 9.84ft
       – Medium: 15.75 ft.
       – Large 16.4 ft.
       – Xtra Large: 19.7 ft.
    • Made in the USA
    • Wind Speed Rating: 18-23 mp
    • Warranty: One (1) year on hardware and graphics from date of purchase


    Flags Options


    Single Sided Feather Flag

    Far less common than a double sided flag, our flags can be printed only on one side if needed. Single sided signs will be "print through" meaning that your design and/or text will be somewhat visible from the backside, but to any extent of visibility the design will appear mirrored instead of duplicated on the back side.

    Double Sided Feather Flag

    If you want your flag's messaging or branding to be visible from both sides, our double sided custom feather flags are the way to go. For the double-sided feather graphic, we print two (2) separate flags, and we place silver-gray blocker material in the middle. All 3 pieces of fabric are sewn together to create a non-see-through double-sided banner flag.To design the back side, simply select the the double sided option.


    These flags are great outdoor signs due to their versatility, durability, and weather resistance.
    We recommend using either a ground stake, square base, or base with water bag for outdoor installations. With the exception of severe weather, our flags can be used outdoors year round.
    Wind Speed Rating: 18 - 23 mph


    Used indoors, flags are a versatile sign option for events, expos, conferences, directional needs and much more. We recommend using either a square base or cross base for indoor use.


    Base Options


    Feather Flag spike

    Ground Spike

    This metal spike is great for installing flags outdoors in solid soil for greatest stability for outdoor use.

    X Base

    X-Base is four-pronged and steel for a sturdy cross base to display this Feather flag on any hard surfaces. Use it indoors or outside.

    Feather Flag x-base

    Water Bag

    A water bag gives extra support to your x-base during light winds.
    Water Weight: Approximately 3 gallons (24 lbs)

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