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Get ready to kiss 2020 goodbye and get ready to create lots of beautiful moments and memories in 2021!!

Webster’s Dictionary defines the word Tradition as “the handing down of information, beliefs, and customs by word of mouth or by example from one generation to another without written instruction…[a] cultural continuity in social attitudes, customs, and institutions.” In other words, we are the creators of our own traditions. AIG Print has many tools available to make sure you can create new traditions with your friends and families this holiday season.

As a host, reimaging the holiday as online gatherings! Start experimenting with virtual meetings in order to stay social and connected during this increasingly isolating time. Whether you're having a small Christmas or Hanukkah celebration with your family or planning to ring in the new year with a few friends, there are many ways to create the atmosphere with fun decorations for a virtual party or dinner.

Choose a place to meet up virtually like Zoom or Google Hangouts. Get guests excited with an online party invitation. For more virtual events ideas I’ll suggest articles like “How to host an online party” and “Virtual Christmas Party ideas”.


Your virtual celebration will need a background or backdrop. Set up a focal point in your favorite spot in the house, like the dinner table or living room, and decorate it it with the following ideas:

Custom Backdrop

Custom print a vinyl wall paper with a holiday theme to use as a backdrop.

Life-size Cutout

Add a life-size cutout of a friend or family member and pose in front of the computer so the other person can create a lasting memory by taking a screenshot of the video screen.

Stunning Centerpiece

Place one of our table-top acrylic decor, like our whimsical Ice Cube Man, beautiful gold star, or snowflake acrylic centerpiece.


Be creative with our Christmas Ornaments and have fun hanging them anywhere!

Selfie Frames

Use selfie frames to set the mood for the party and share photos on social media. You could choose from our selfie frames designs or create your own in the online design studio.


Not really, but you could choose from our life size products and customize it to your own style:

Jumbo Head

Send grandma a Jumbo Head of yourself or the whole family!

Jumbo Head Group

The whole family could stand in the front of the nursing home holding a Jumbo Head of each one for grandpa to see them.

Character Cut-out

Tell Mom to set a spot on the table for you and send her a lifesize cutout of yourself to be placed on the seat.
The whole family together... almost!


We’re stronger as a community. Remember to share the magic of the festivities with your neighbors:

Season's Greetings!

Add a beautiful “Welcome” sign on your door.

Have Fun

Place a funny “Happy Grinchmas” lawn sign on your yard.

Don’t let this season’s health safety concerns ruin your Christmas. Let us help you connect with your family and friends with all of our creative ideas and products! Remember to stay safe & Happy Holidays!

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Celebrate Life!

2020 has put a real twist on how we celebrate and interact with our friends and family. Distancing from our loved ones has become just a part of our life. We had to re-think how to keep in touch without touching. We’ve come up with ways on how to make this situation more manageable and keep close to each other. Communication keeps us connected.

Time hasn’t stopped, we still have special occasions to celebrate like that important someone's birthday or the special holidays. Be heard and shout out to that Birthday girl or boy with giant yard letters or jumbo lawn signs that could make them feel loved and special. Let them know you’re thinking of them.

Celebrate those birthday milestones with Large Birthday Lawn Signs.They are available in several sizes and as tall as 5 Feet.Customizable and affordable, easy to use yard signs that are printed with UV inks they can stand up to outdoor applications. The best part is they do not mess up the yard. They can be stored and reused.

Creativity is the answer. Yard signs can be customized with limitless options. Get one and make the person whose celebration is for feeling loved; they’ll appreciate the thought.

Think about the possibilities, surprise your neighbors with a Jumbo Birthday Cupcake in your yard celebrating your baby’s 1st birthday.

21 comes but once, so why not a Giant Beer Mugs on the lawn. 40, 50 or 60 should not be ignored, they're fabulous so why not tell the world!

Get witty with “Honk, It’s My Bday!” lawn sign or to yell “Happy Birthday!” when they pass by. Everyone around will appreciate the upbeat message and it will help you to share with your community the good vibes.

Customize birthday lawn signs with the birthday person’s name. Celebrate your daughter’s Sweet 16! And yes, bling graphics are a must!

We’ve been specially careful with our older adults, get a Personalized Happy Birthday Lawn Sign and ship it to that person, brightening up that someone's world! 90 should be celebrated and 100 is nothing to sneeze at. You’ll let them know that you are thinking of them and celebrating their special day together.